Ian PawelecIP


Frontgate - UX / Strategy / Branding


Overhaul the navigation of Frontgate's e-commerce platform from the ground up to be a hyper-useful tool for shoppers while reimagining the sites look and feel to align with Frontgate's recent rebrand.


Design Team Lead / Art Director


Extensive analytics defined hierarchy

A/B testing, click rate, and conversion metrics were utilized on each navigation element to define their importance to shoppers. Next, design hypotheses were validated via further A/B and multi-variant testing.


Distractions are minimized

Shoppers are presented with a small number of primary elements that are key to their journey to provide a clean and elevated experience. Friction is reduced by only displaying options and information within each feature that are critical to its' core function.


An immersive brand experience that drives greater engagement

User testing study participants described the reimagined experience as "classy", "elegant", and "inviting". Participants also found the redesigned icon system intuitive and recognizable. The ever-present shopping bar clearly organized key features, displaying promo messaging consistently driving higher conversion. The integrated fullscreen hero also reduced home page bounce rate.